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What is Corporate Catering?

All of us know what corporate catering means. It is the provision of food and beverage for business organizations. It’s easy! The trick is to find the perfect caterer for your event while delighting guests and clients. In many cases, organizing corporate catering is left to people who already have a day job. This just adds another task to their list. To help you delight your clients and deliver the best corporate catering, let’s have a closer look.

A simple Google search will reveal a wide range of companies and corporate caterers. It can be overwhelming to decide who you should choose. So many options, so many amazing food choices!

First, decide what’s important to you. What do you really want? Do you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, in terms of menus and times or will you need someone to guide you? Is there a special cuisine you are looking for? Will you need to staff the event or do you want simple food delivery? Is all equipment required to prepare and serve food available or will rentals be needed for this event?

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The size of corporate caterers can vary from large and small to national, local, or international. Catering companies from all over the world can provide branded concepts and venue options as well as in-house catering teams. All the advantages of working with large corporations such as access to a variety and preferred pricing for bulk purchases are available. The downsides include a lack of choice, inflexibility, higher prices (a result of larger overheads), loss of personal service, and uniformity.

Working with smaller local organizations has many benefits. They are more in touch with your culture and geography. Because they can buy from local suppliers less frequently, chefs can showcase fresh seasonal ingredients with great flavor. We pride ourselves on our local produce. These great tastes don’t need to be enhanced. You will likely deal with senior staff or the owners of the business, which ensures that you receive a personal and attentive service.

There are many creative ways to offer niche catering at a lower scale to a larger audience thanks to taco catering. This can allow you to try a range of different cuisines and companies if there is a safe, spacious area nearby where a taco cart can be set up.

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Consider working lunches and breakfasts as a way to squeeze more work into your day, while still allowing for time to eat. Many HR professionals and Personal Assistants struggle to find corporate lunch ideas. We have been able to meet that challenge with our creative and daily lunch menus with Taco Catering Palm Springs.

It is important to allow staff to have fun and to celebrate with one another. This will help build community and culture within the organization. Holiday parties can be a fun reward for employees after a long year of hard work. It can be an excellent reason to gather the team in a social environment after achieving targets.

Catering can be a wonderful way to motivate your staff, attract new talent and impress your clients. Don’t get bogged down in details. Look to experts for the right catering company to fit your budget and ethos. All of them are available to transform your work lunch into an unforgettable culinary experience, your holiday party into a memorable team event, or your client breakfast into a successful deal-making opportunity. We are eager to have you join our taco catering crew!

Corporate Event Taco Catering in Palm Springs

Holiday Office Party
Taco Catering Palm Springs

Great food and drink are the first steps in holiday party planning. The hardest part of hosting a party is what to serve. There are many options for party food catering. Some offer appetizers, while others have full-service meals. Others will have buffets that include stations for different types of food, such as a selection of salads, meats, seafood, and dessert stations.

When you are in the party planning stage of your office party, remember that the time of the party will affect the quality of the food and the expectations of the staff. Your budget is the most important thing that will affect the type of catering you choose.

Space is an important consideration when hosting your Christmas party at the office. You will need space for chairs and tables when hosting a sit-down dinner. You should ensure that your budget can accommodate the style of catering chosen.

Taco catering is a great option for office parties. Tacos are fast and easy to prepare, affordable, and fill your guests’ stomachs. Tacos can be used as appetizers or main courses with salsa and chips.

Taco catering offers vegetarian options, making it a great choice for people who don’t want the normal office catering food like turkey sandwiches or ham.

Give us a call if you need help with planning your holiday office party catering.

Employee Appreciation
Taco Catering Palm Springs

Every day of the year can be considered a holiday if you look. There are taco days, doughnut days, talk like a Pirate Day, and many other holidays. Most of these observances have become viral trends, but they’re not holidays. Banks remain open and jobs continue to function and no one will give you time to snack and watch TV.

Employee Appreciation Day is one such day that many businesses may choose to celebrate. Although the official day for employee appreciation is on the first Friday of March, it’s not an officially recognized holiday by the federal government. Your business can still celebrate it at any time throughout the year.

Even though March is over, there are still plenty of opportunities to celebrate your employees any time of the year. In these times of social distancing, it’s even more important to host a party to show appreciation for your employees. Where would you be without them?

A happy hour is a great idea for employees who feel tired or need to recharge. The company-branded cups that they can fill with their favorite beverages will instantly lift their spirits.

Taco catering is perfect for Employee Appreciation Day because it can be customized to your employee’s tastes and preferences. Also, taco caterers are experts at making sure all of the ingredients in their tacos are fresh and tasty. The next time you need a great idea for what to get your employees on Employee Appreciation Day or any other day this year, consider ordering up some tacos!

Company Picnic
Taco Catering Palm Springs

A great way to show appreciation to your employees is to invite them to a summer picnic.

A company picnic not only encourages employee friendships but also makes employees feel valued. It is an excellent way to show your employees (and their families!) that you care. Employees feel more engaged when shown appreciation.

Each business has its preferences when it comes to choosing the right date and place for an outing. Many companies have already selected dates for special milestones such as anniversaries or holidays. Some companies are flexible in their time frames and can plan a summer, autumn, or spring event. The truth is that location and time are key factors in choosing an outdoor venue.

Don’t forget the food! You can make the day more fun with the right food. Mexican hot dogs, with all of the condiments, are a favorite choice for family fun days. Rodeo-themed picnics go great with tacos, rice, and beans. Mexican corn (Elote), a staple for any outdoor company picnic, is essential! Our catering staff will help make your event delicious and easy! Our catering staff will cook your tasty tacos fresh on the spot! There’s no better way to get your food fresher than that.

Contact us now for a free consultation where we will learn about your event and develop a package that is tailored to you, your company, and all parties involved.

Team Building
Taco Catering Palm Springs

While team building can be a great experience, it is also time-consuming and requires planning. Catering is an essential element when you have a large number of people taking part in an activity.

The catering requirements for an event that promotes team building are influenced by the nature of the event, the location, and how long it takes. A team sport like indoor bowling will not require as much planning as an outdoor obstacle course. No matter whether your event is adrenalin-filled and laid-back or intense, outdoor or indoor, these catering tips will still work.

It’s crucial to choose foods that can last for the entire team-building process. You don’t want your team to have to wait for you to prepare food. Avoid dishes that require heating or freezing to make edible.

The event that you host should determine the type of food served and how it’s presented when it comes to teambuilding. Have a boardroom quiz? The best way to go might be to have a cocktail-style meal with platters. Garden picnic? Individual cutlery sets or group picnic baskets could work. Perhaps you could have a huge outdoor celebration? Maybe a taco bar with all the trimmings is what you need.

Organizing any type of corporate event is a difficult task, particularly if you don’t work in foodservice. A professional caterer can take the worry out of planning what, when, and how to prepare it. It’s worth the effort, we promise!